Would definitely recommend.

It’s very light, very smooth, very fast. I could whip this around someone’s wrists into a column tie in nothing flat, with little to no fear of friction burn. It’s generally pricier than anything synthetic, and my understanding is that it’s used a lot over in the US. It usually comes in twisted form as opposed to braided. Smooth, soft, fast, secure. It actually makes for a decent looking harness over black clothing or similar; I saw someone wearing it at a perversion party once with some fancy Two Knotty Boys knots in it. Polypropylene with core intactPolypropylene Webbing (core removed). It’s a synthetic bondage rope; this means it has a very different level of tooth than the cotton rope or a natural fibre. Two kinds of braided cotton rope. They’re both technically braided ropes; however the rope on the right seems to have a denser kind of braid, which means it doesn’t have the same issue with the knots compacting down as hard as the stuff from the 1-8 dollar shop. So, interesting learning from that one; denser braid makes for less difficult knots.

Wasn’t terribly expensive; maybe 15 dollars for a bundle? I wouldn’t use this stuff for bondage at all with the core intact. You can almost see the scratchiness. Cons:. Con: Stretches in inconsistent/unpredictable ways. Not recommended for suspension.

When you are just starting off, just go with cheap solid-core braided cotton. I’d recommend 1/4? Cotton “Sash Cord”. Important Factors In Choosing Any Bondage Rope. Let’s face it, price is a factor. Rope Bondage The Smart Way was distilled down from about six years of learning, practicing, and testing, and contains my go-to practices for my own use of rope bondage in BDSM; with both written instructions and LOTS of annotated pictures to make learning it all easy. Choosing Rope. The same goes for this as the other synthetic ropes with regards to friction; you will need to use knots. Summary:.

It works well for bedroom bondage, but I wouldn’t put it under heavy load. Due to that same lack of friction as mentioned above, you can’t really use hitches or friction based means to lock off tension the way you can with natural fibre ropes of greater tooth. Depending on the source of your rope, it can be a real pain in the ass of a rope for a beginner, because the knots in what I got from the 1-8 dollar shop compact down like you wouldn’t believe. You can spend ages trying to unpick those things, which leads to swearing and frustration and a general lack of cool. There. End post.

The same goes for this as the other synthetic ropes with regards to friction; you will need to use knots. Summary:. Nylon is nicely smooth and comfortable as well, but it has very low tooth, so you need to use surgeon’s knots instead of square knots and any half-hitch style knot should be done three times instead of two. (If you don’t, your partner may be able to manipulate the tie and wriggle out, and rope bottoms kind of hate that. What you like will very likely not be what someone else likes. There are very popular ropes – but it’s really up to you to make up your own mind. This has multiple advantages; it spreads any pressure from the tie over a wider surface, and it doesn’t catch on things when you’re rolling around, struggling, what have you. You need fewer wraps to get a safe distribution of pressure. That said, for restraint, this will generally get the job done. The knots used in the single column and two column ties which I posted about earlier will do a solid job of holding things in place, but feel free to use anything that isn’t a slip knot.

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